How it all started

Safari-Story - Wie alles begann

The idea of founding was born during a safari in beautiful South Africa, as we where once again on the go, the backpacks filled with snacks like various sun-dried fruits and nuts. We recognised that whenever we took a dried fruit, we’ve never eaten it alone but always with a mix of nuts because this way you got a much better taste. We ask ourselves, how it would bei if we simply mix it all up in a big bowl with different types of fruits and nuts and eat this creation. Said and done…

Soon after back in germany we tried it. Julia was on the one side of the cooking island, and me on the other side. And the bowl with our new „creation“ between us. „Unfortunately“ the mixer gave up and the outcome was that not everything became a homogenous mass. The best thing that could happened to us! The little chunks in between gave it a crunchy bite and you could really guess which ingredients have been used. We already tried them before we shaped them. Then we looked at each other and just smiled – such an incredible taste! Finally we shaped them into small „balls“ and there we go! JULIA & JULIEN’S was born, shortly JJ‘s .

Then we thought why the hell we never saw something like this in germany. Actually it was the perfect snack: just incredible in taste, full of energy, nutritious and even super healthy. And by far not that boring like cereal bars or nuts and raisins. After a while, we searched the web and several grocery stores, created a concept, and shortly after we founded (the lot of work, myriad small intermediate steps as well as mental breakdowns left out 😉 )

Therefore it was also very important for us to give our JJ’s a premium design which makes these little balls even in the packaging a real eyecatching product. Because they are so healthy and without additives, we wanted a cool precious lifestyle packaging, which brings every time you look at it a touch of the sun of South Africa.