The purchase on account of Klarna works very simple: From the date of the invoice date you have 14 days to pay the bill. So you pay only when you have received the goods. Thus, you can shop relaxed, complete your order and check the products in peace at home. You will then receive the invoice from us by e-mail. The complete terms and conditions for the purchase of invoices for deliveries to Germany can be found here. Please remember to pay your bill at Klarna and not at JULIA & JULIEN’S.


In order to be able to offer services such as payment on account with Klarna and its customer portal, Klarna must collect certain personal data. In other words, you provide Klarna directly or indirectly with information about yourself in different ways. For example, if you shop with Klarna in our webshop, Klarna needs to know who you are and where to place your order. Thus, the order can be edited properly and possible fraud prevented. Klarna also ensures that your personal information is collected with the utmost respect for your privacy. Klarna has a Global Privacy Office, where privacy experts work. In addition, Klarna has a dedicated customer service team that acts as an extension to their Global Privacy Office and helps you with privacy-related requests. You can find information about Klarna’s compliance with your privacy in its Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you would like to know exactly what information Klarna collects about you, you can simply take a look at the section “What information do we collect?” On the Klarna website.

Please note that our partner Klarna is an independent payment provider. JULIA & JULIEN’S thus has no influence on your credit check carried out by Klarna and the potentially possible rejection of your payment. If you are interested in the topic and you have further questions about buying on account of Klarna, you can also contact directly here to the customer service of Klarna.


When paying with PayPal, you will be forwarded to PayPal at the end of your order process via the PayPal button. If you are already a PayPal customer, you can simply log in there with your user data and confirm the payment. If you are new to PayPal, you can also log in as a guest or simply reopen a PayPal account and then confirm the payment. The payment is usually within a few seconds and your order can be processed directly and sent to you.


If you have decided to pay in advance by bank transfer, you will receive our bank details at the end of your order and also in the order confirmation. Please note that you give your order number as a purpose. Thus, we can assign your order directly and exclude possible delays. Once your payment has been received, your goods will be sent directly. Until the payment is made, usually take 3-4 working days.

Here you will also find again our bank details for SEPA transfers.

Creditor: JULIA & JULIEN’S GmbH Account number: 981832507
IBAN: DE68 3701 0050 0981 8325 07
BIC: PBNKDEFF Bank: Postbank


If you decide to pay by SEPA Core Direct Debit, you authorize us to withdraw the money directly from your bank account. If you want to pay by direct debit, you will be asked for your account details after your order. Your invoice amount will be deducted by us.